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The easy and affordable parking management solution for residential communities and parking enforcement professionals.
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Take Control of Your Parking! is a cloud-based suite of parking management tools that allow residential property managers (apartment complexes, HOAs, COAs, etc.) and parking enforcement professionals to automate resident and guest parking for their communities. offers an affordable yet powerful feature set that includes:

...and so much more!

How It Works:

Each unit at a property is assigned a unique PIN (Parking Identification Number) they can provide to their visiting guests. This PIN is used by guests to request a parking permit, ensuring that vehicles parking on the property are authorized to do so.

All registration requests (resident AND guests) are submitted online, either by computer or mobile phone, and are stored in a secure database. Registration requests are compared against the parking guidelines set by a board of directors, a property manager, or a parking enforcement professional. If the request meets the pre-determined criteria, an electronic parking permit is automatically issued, logged in the system, and a confirmation is sent to the requester by email or text message.

If the request does not meet the guidelines (for example, if the vehicle’s request will exceed the maximum allowable time a guest may stay on the property per month, or if the resident has exceeded the number guest vehicles allowed on the property) the request is automatically denied.

Our popular Resident Portal allows residents to view, and if allowed by the property, change their vehicle’s registration information. Residents can also view their guest permit history and retrieve a forgotten PIN. Many clients LOVE this feature because it shifts the responsibility for registering resident vehicles from the property management company to the resident. And for verification purposes, you can receive automatic notifications every time a resident makes a change in their portal!

Benefits for Residents and Guests:

Parking Management Made Easy

There’s a lot that goes into successfully managing a property, and there are only so many hours in a day. So rather than spending time approving and issuing parking permits, why not let handle all the heavy lifting for you? With MyGuestSpot,com managing your parking is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Set up your property - Upload your unit information and configure your parking criteria using our friendly user interface.
  2. Notify your residents – Automatically generate parking rollout letters for each unit, containing a scannable QR code for guest permits, their unit PIN and instructions for setting up their Resident Portal account. Simply print the letters from your browser and distribute to your residents.
  3. Activate your property to begin issuing and tracking parking permits!

Benefits for Property Managers:

Simple Monitoring and Enforcement

Parking management has never been easier! With MyGuestSpot lot monitors and security staff can instantly check the status of any vehicle with our mobile friendly lot monitoring tool. Simply snap a picture of the license plate with the camera on any computer or mobile device (or enter it manually) and will provide a color coded response which immediately lets you know if the vehicle has a valid parking permit. Monitors can also add “enforcement actions”, indicating whether a vehicle was issued a warning, booted, or towed.

Benefits for Lot Monitors:

...and more more!

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